System Reviewers Discussants
ROCKY INTERTIDAL Rocky intertidal communities: past environmental changes, present status and predictions for the next 25 years
Stephen Hawkins & George Branch (abstracts)
Tasman Crowe & Juan Carlos Castilla (abstract)
Richard Thompson (abstract) to be announced
Kelp forest ecosystems: biodiversity, stability, resilience and future
Robert Steneck (abstract) Rodrigo Bustamante &
Bruce Bourque Alistair Hobday (abstract)
Debbie Corbett Paul Dayton (abstract)
Jon Erlandson Geoffrey Jones (abstract)
James Estes  
Michael Graham
CORAL REEFS The near future of coral reefs
Tim McClanahan (abstract) Robert Buddemeier (abstract)
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg (abstract)
Paul Sammarco (abstract)
SANDY SHORE Sandy shore ecosystems and the threats facing them: some predictions for the year 2025
Alec Brown & Nancy Jackson (abstract)
Anton McLachlan (abstract) Douglas Sherman (abstract)
Karl Nordstrom (abstract)
SALT MARSH Changing Saltmarshes
Paul Adam (abstract) Antony Davy (abstract)
Joy Zedler (abstract)
Mark Bertness (abstract)
Continental shelf benthic ecosystem: current status, agents for change and future prospects
Stephen Hall (abstract) Simon Thrush (abstract)
Stuart Rogers (abstract)
Charles Peterson (abstract)
ESTUARINE Environmental threats and environmental future of estuaries
Michael Kennish (abstract) Robert Livingston (abstract)
Dave Raffaelli (abstract)
Karsten Reise (abstract)
MANGROVE SWAMP Present state and future of the world's mangrove forests
Daniel Alongi (abstract) Robert Twilley
Richard S. Dodd (abstract)
Jin Eong Ong (abstract)
SEAGRASS BEDS The future of seagrass meadows
Carlos Duarte (abstract) Diana Walker (abstract)
Jens Borum (abstract)
Frederick Short (abstract)
POLAR/ ICE EDGE Polar marine ecosystems: major threats and future change
Andrew Clarke & Dan Lubin (abstract)
Colin Harris (abstract) Ray Smith (abstract)
Andrew S. Brierley (abstract)
MARINE PELAGIC Status, trends and future of the marine pelagic ecosystem
Peter Verity & John Steele (abstract)
Victor Smetacek & Frede Thingstad (abstract) &
Theodore Smayda (abstract) Jarl Giske &
Fereidoun Rassoulzadegan
Paul Tyler Ricardo Santos (abstract)
Craig Smith & Lisa Levin (abstract)
Adrian Glover (abstract) Tony J. Koslow (abstract)
RIVERS & STREAMS Threats to the running water ecosystems of the world
Björn Malmqvist & Colin Townsend &
Simon Rundle (abstract) Alan Hildrew (abstract)
Christopher Robinson (abstract)
Alan Covich (abstract)
LARGE LAKES/INLAND SEAS Large freshwater lakes: present state, trends, and future
Alfred Beeton (abstract) Ken Stewart (abstract)
Bernard Wehrli (abstract)
Robert Hecky (abstract)
SMALL LAKES/PONDS Environmental issues in lakes and
ponds: current state and perspectives
Christer Brönmark & Erik Jeppesen (abstract)
Lars-Anders Hansson (abstract) Brian Moss (abstract)
Glenn George (abstract)
COOL TEMPERATE BOG Responses of Temperate Peatlands to Environmental Change
Peter Moore (abstract) Dale Vitt (abstract)
Nils Malmer (abstract)
Michael Proctor (abstract)
TROPICAL SWAMP Long term environmental trends and the future of tropical wetlands
Wolfgang Junk (abstract) Brij Gopal (abstract)
Charles Breen (abstract)
Max Finlayson (abstract)
TEMPERATE SWAMP Temperate freshwater wetlands: types, status, and threats
Mark Brinson & Jos Verhoeven (abstract)
Ana Inés Malvarez (abstract) Beth Middleton (abstract)
Barbara Bedford (abstract)
SUBTERRANEAN AQUATIC Groundwater systems - an ecological vision for the 21st century
Dan Danielopol & Janine Gibert (abstract)
Christian Griebler & David Culver (abstract)
Amara Gunatilaka & Boris Sket (abstract)
J. Notenboom (abstract)
SALINE LAKES Environmental threats to salt lakes and the likely status of inland saline ecosystems in 2025
W.D. Williams
Robert Jellison (abstract)
N.V. Aladin (abstract)(abstract)
Brian Timms (abstract)
  Javier Alcocer (abstract)
FLOODPLAINS Riverine flood plains: present strate and future trends
Klement Tockner & Stuart E. Bunn (abstract)
Jack Stanford (abstract) Chris Gordon (abstract)
Gerry P. Quinn (abstract)
Topic area Speaker Institution
Fisheries Centre
University of British Columbia
Vancouver V6T 1Z4
WATER Dale Whittington &
Jennifer Song (presenter)
City and Regional Planning University of N Carolina
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3140
Population Action International
Yale University
Washington, DC 20036
CLIMATE Ronald Prinn

Earth & Atmospheric Planetary Sciences
MIT Cambridge
MA 02139-4307

ECONOMICS to be announced  


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